Neem Wood Comb



Raw Route’s Eco Friendly Neem Wood Comb. We all want soft, lustrous, tangle-free locks, right? Who doesn’t want it? And yet, wooden combs are still the underdog of the whole game. Combing hair is a good habit, as it promotes blood circulation and makes your hair healthy and lustrous.

Our range of naturally made neem combs is handmade and eco-friendly. It has the medicinal and anti-bacterial properties of treating dandruff, controls hair-fall, and gives relief to the itchy and irritated scalp.Wooden combs stimulate blood vessels, for improved circulation, promoting hair growth.  Time to include this organic product into your vanity. 

Dimension: 19cms X 5.5cms

Tips to clean the wooden comb: 

Dip a sanitized, clean piece of clothing in any natural oil (like olive oil, coconut, oil or castor oil) and rub this all over the wooden comb.  Rub gently and remove the dirt and debris, in case of stubborn residue, scrub the brush with an old toothbrush to make it cleaner for the use.


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