Handmade Natural Fiber Body Loofah(Pack of 2)


Raw Route Eco Friendly Handmade Natural Fiber Body Loofah.

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Raw Route’s handcrafted, natural bath loofah is made out of natural vegetable fiber and is considered as a better alternative to commercial, artificial plastic loofahs. The size enables its easy-to-use, using the scrub at bath time in exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin, gently removing the dead cells and cleaning the skin. One can use this with our Soap to  make skin look much fresher and smoother.

Features of this fibre body loofah: 

  • It is hand-braided 
  • 100% natural loofah made up of dried gourds 
  • Easy to exfoliate and removes the dead skin cells

Care:Rinse it after every use and hang it to dry in the sun. Avoid drying it in the bathroom where its likely to get moist and attract bacteria.

End of Life :One can chop into small pieces before decomposing, even the loofah can be composted along with the wet waste. 

Weight20 g
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 mm


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