Beeswax Slab (pack of 2)



Our Natural and pure beeswax slabs for DIY skincare(50gms each slab)

Raw Route’s 100% natural beeswax is sourced from the farms of the tribals of Gujarat.

Eco Friendly Products and Natural,
unrefined beeswax carries anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits and carries
treatment for skin irritation. It has exceptional thickening and emollient qualities that give the structure to cosmetic creams and lotions, it has the ability to add plasticity to formulations in
making ingredients in lipstick and also in lip balm products. It is a versatile product that is used for making various skincare products like lip balms, lotions, soaps and more.
Key highlights of our natural beeswax slabs
● It can be used in lotion and creams as it creates a barrier in sealing moisture of the skin.
They are highly beneficial in curing chapped lips, especially during winter months.
● It protects the skin from environmental toxins and irritants.
● It isn’t like simple petroleum jelly that is heavily used in beauty products, beeswax lets your skin breathe in providing a protective barrier.
● A natural, raw thickens homemade cosmetics and lotion and is solid at room
temperature and melts at a certain Fahrenheit. It is included in high amounts of coconut
for the application of hair treatment and skin. It also contains vitamin A that improves the skin hydration to the skin and promotes skin regeneration.

How to use:
● It can be used for homemade DIY cosmetics like pigmented lip balm, lotions, soaps and other body care products.
● Love candles? Just add food fragrance and make your own fragrant candles to set the calming mood.


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