Our Story

We were born and raised in the hands who believed in living a conscious life of 5R’s Refuse, Reduce, Respect, Reuse and Repurpose!

It is a very significant memory of my childhood, when I was eight, in the free hours of noon and as the warmth of the sun reflected on the window panes of my lawn to the floor, my mother sitting on the cotton stuffed homemade ottoman, humming to the tunes of 80’s classic Bollywood radio music, she weaved pretty frocks using old sarees and my father’s shirts, sewing tulle and pink bows for me and my sister as we twirl every time she places the weaved cloth on us for the measurements. Born in a middle-class family, we had a very minimalist approach towards our life, it taught us the most valued lesson of living, we were born and raised in the hands who believed in living a conscious life of 5 R’s – Refuse, Reduce, Respect, Reuse and Repurpose.

Refuse all the unnecessary things in life. We often stammer in saying ‘NO’, but refuse to do anything toxic; be it plastic or an environment that serves no purpose- it is simple to just refuse. We never entertained the idea of using too much plastic, my mother preferred using steel boxes, bottles and glass jars that can be reused for various purposes

My father taught us a valuable lesson of reducing the usage of valued energy and releasing the wastage in the environment. One just has to be a little conscious of their choices, it was the little things like, saving electricity, understanding what our environment needs, and plantations. Most of  our Sundays went into learning about different plants, gardening, understanding the needs of the soil and using recyclable materials and waste as natural sources of gardening. This helped me and my sister to know more about consumption and how it impacts life as a whole

When I and my sister were growing up, we saw that people around us don’t really appreciate the beauty of nature and respect it enough to survive; a classic example is excess use of plastic and careless dumping of waste. My mother used kitchen waste for our gardens and my father always experimented with his conscious choice on how to make it more effective. They said, ‘it’s always about one step at a time, if you respect them enough, nature will give you back with both hands’

The minimalistic approach sounds like a very modern concept, it’s trendy nowadays but it’s the root of our rich Indian tradition that most people used it in their daily lives earlier. Now, as I have a family of my own, even now, I don’t shop compulsively, it has never been in our roots. During our childhood days, my mother only made trips to shop when it was densely needed, otherwise, it was always about reusing products as a part of conscious living

Ever heard of the quote, ‘don’t throw away things that can be repaired’, I strongly believe in this and even today, I try to implement as far as I can. This generation has the concept of replacing it when it could be repurposed or repaired; from relationships, dreams, to even daily products. Consumerism has seen an all-time elevated graph and this shocks me to the core that people believe in throwing away things that can be repaired- this gives a lot of idea on the take of life, nowadays. Every traditional Indian family believed in repurposing and we want to bring back the tradition

Our Company

Conceived during the lockdowns, rooted since the childhood

This global pandemic has changed the outlook and perspective people had towards their life, somewhere people started to adjust towards the idea of living, ‘what is essential’. Essential products not only improved the effectiveness of our life but made us more efficient in how we look at. During the lockdowns, the only news we read or heard from different mediums that made everybody happy was, ‘our nature was healing’. Trees are flushed with greens, marine animals coming back to life, and snows are cladded again. When life is a blur, it is advised to go back to basics and this is what I want to bring it back. Rooted and ingrained since childhood, the idea of conscious and ethical living made us value the environment and this idea had a concrete base during the times, when essential were our lifeline.
Raw Route, apart from selling sustainable and eco-friendly products, also aims to build a community of mindfulness living with sustainable ideas and efficiency. People who believe in living a life of ethics, making choices that aren’t driven to compete but a breeze to soulfulness. We believe in a minimalistic approach, simplifying the gist of life and making choices that are complementary to the environment.
Raw Route is a breath of fresh air that doesn’t manufacture the products in bulk to fill up the pocket in loops of people but crafts and curate that are actually needed. We want to teach this community on how you can make daily products with ease without having to incline in purchasing plastic-made products. The concept isn’t just to sell the products in the name of ‘organic’ but to also teach people how they can be effective in their life when it comes to conscious living.

Our planet is changing

It’s time to change the way you shop- it’s time for Raw Route

People nowadays want everything-easy and convenient. It’s just about the need and within minutes, you’re in the shop or scrolling through an app to make a purchase. We buy so many things without thinking about tomorrow- with the growth rate in landfilling, our resources are nullifying, the question arises, ‘Are you sustainable enough?’.

There’s a better way to shop - easy and convenient but made in a way that treats our planet!

Raw Route
Raw Route is an eco-friendly marketplace, we have done our research so that you don’t have to. Pick the products that are sourced, manufactured and shipped in a way that protects our planet’s future. We believe in paving the path for people to make a responsible purchase, it is our mission to normalise the purchase that is kind to the environment while aligning the possibility of convenience.
If you’re reading this, you care about our planet and if you’re new to the idea- you’re welcome to the community too. As said, ‘it’s just one step at a time, it takes all of us to make a change’. We want people to be conscious of the power of their purchases, this is not just changing the environment but the fact that your consumer behaviour can tip the balance as well as changing the companies’ procedure and protocol and even public policy. We, as a community, are a small but a strong movement to turn the manufacturing system inside out.

As I pen this story down, sitting under an old mango tree in my garden planted by the old residents
of this house, I believed they were the most selfless people who planted these many trees only to
have my family and my two-year-old niece enjoy the cold breeze as she played under the shade.
It is the people with a knack of need for something to find the best possible ways in creating
something good for the kids, neighbours, community and the planet. Our passionate team and
expert researchers behind Raw Route are working efficiently to keep this churning and slowly and
gradually, our community is shaping up to fill in any gaps.



Raw Route

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