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Oral Care Starter Kit

Zero waste alternative to help you jump start your day

Cleaning Kit

Coconut Fiber Cleaning Brush kit to start your zero waste cleaning journey

Personal Care Kit

Looking for Sustainable body care products?

Let’s join hands, form a cleansed, soulful circle to support our vision in transitioning the communities to a waste-free living.

Featured Products

We believe that consumerism has taken a toll in every aspect of our life, from our finances to hoarding things – we encourage our customers to buy fewer but invest in premium quality pieces that last for a long time.

Our Eco Friendly Products work as a souvenir for the environment

Each item of ours is made with careful consideration of designs, material and the process of production for a deeper impact on your everyday life and a smaller impact on the environment.

Our business practice works on the ladder of the strong belief of conscious consumption and sustainable choice

In this era of fast fashion, our Eco Friendly Products are made in small batches by skilled local artisans from the highest-quality materials that withstand the test of time and ensure that our products do not end up in landfills. We go above and beyond with our brand in establishing a learning concept of sustainable and plastic-free life for every enthusiast interested in ethical practice. We aim to minimize the plastic footprint by manufacturing the pieces that are eco friendly and in close proximity to the material source.

We see a lifestyle and living industry that values people and planet just as much as the end-consumer and we hope that each factory feels the same

Our belief is; sustainability is a new evolution and our commitment is a tight bond- in practising and providing. Like other businesses, we are not perfect but strive to improve ourselves in practising a greener and a better future.

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For an impactful life, we seek to create environmental and social solutions by providing zero waste and conscious choices to you, this not only empowers the local communities across the country but also changes the mindset on sustainability for people of India and beyond.

Having a zero-waste living should be a choice for everyone and not just for elites; so we make our products from the locally sourced artisans and local workers to support their livelihood that helps us in our vision from square one i.e living a life, with ethics, making conscious choices. Plastic has taken over our everyday life, look around- all you see is a product that is responsible for killing thousands of animals from oceans to lands. With a strong, concrete belief in conscious consumption, sustainability has been deeply ingrained in our business ethics.

A few things about us

Our products are good for the earth and it’s good for you

We Believe

In doing good for the community, for people, for our customers that collectively does good to the environment. Earth, our home, is asking and screeching for help and in this crisis, we want to contribute to changing the way we, as consumers, consume and create a positive impact on the society we live in. Raw Route will help you in transitioning into an eco-friendly lifestyle at home or outside your home.

We Are​

A team of earth lovers that promotes a sustainable way of living. Right from the scratch, empowering local women artisans who work for us and earn their livelihood and also contributing to the environment, the idea comes from a treasured, pure chest of memories and childhood learnings that can transform mindless consumption into conscious decisions. We curate and craft thoughtful, sustainable eco friendly everyday products without any shortcuts, working towards the precision in every step- our journey of products are ethical, interesting and conscious; right from conception to the end, where it reaches on your doorstep.

We Do

Core research in curating an effective variety of everyday use products that are earth-friendly for our eco-conscious consumers intending to make our earth better than the present. Our products are handpicked for customers like you who want to make informed choices in shopping consciously and guilt-free.

We Aim

To make eco friendly and sustainable products that are easily accessible to the consumers of today while creating awareness of conscious consumption. We want to bring back the age-old tradition, supporting the local workers, and empower them by ingraining their practice into everyday life.

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